Why Use At Home Pet Care?


We offer a unique service to our patients and their owners: a trusting, loving relationship and care given with the pets' best interests in mind. Your pet will be much more at ease and comfortable at home. This makes it easier for us to perform the necessary evaluations and treatments, and builds an ongoing bond of trust. We love our patients as if they were our own.


Would you prefer to recover from surgery in a cold, strange environment, or your own home in the comfort of your bed? Your pet agrees with you!

Decreasing your stress and your pet’s anxiety provides a more positive environment for recovery.  With calmness and comfort, comes more complete and quicker healing.


Some pets prefer to stay at home. Some pets have a difficult time traveling or being put in a carrier. Some owners have pets who are difficult to handle or simply cannot fit into a car to go to the vet clinic. Other pet owners have limited mobility or transportation opportunities. With all this in mind, we bring caring, personalized treatment right to your doorstep when you need it.

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